Cartography has a new partner!

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Cartography: A map-making, territory claiming, strategy game. 2 players, ages 10 and up. Adjustable play time starting at 15.

Better Faster Stronger

Months ago, before the Kickstarter launched, a boutique game publisher approached me at the gaming convention Strategicon. We talked briefly then, and regularly during the campaign about how they could get involved. Over the holidays we worked to formalize our partnership, and I'm excited to tell you about it!

Playford Games ( originally a German-based game company, recently moved to the US. They are deeply rooted in the European board game tradition of quality and artistic design. They have already shown their insights and expertise in helping to improve Cartography. They are moving very quickly and as of yesterday, they have proofs files nearly ready to submit to the factory. They understand manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment. It's because of these qualities I've decided to partner with them to bring Cartography to you better, faster, and stronger!

They have a great mission statement: 
"To challenge you and inspire your development in strength, mind, heart and soul."  

As an abstract strategy game, I believe Cartography fits well with their values and I'm so excited to see what they can do.

What does this mean for your pledge?

You should see a better Cartography: 
For all the reasons stated above I believe Cartography will be better.
Your copy of Cartography should arrive sooner:
We are working hard to make our deadline. I can't see the future but Playford's experience gives us a better chance at hitting our May goal.

You should see a Stronger Cartography:
Looking into the future Playford will continue to support and develop Cartography. This is just the beginning. 

Thanks again, 
Jon Adams

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